Project Management Methodology Development

By adopting a standard project management method, organizations can achieve a 63% improvement in successfully delivering projects. iTalent has helped hundreds of clients improve their project management methodology.

What is the PMCOP?

iTalent's Project Management Community of Practice (PMCOP) supports the use of processes that can repeated for any project within an organization. Carefully developed, our PMCOP has easy-to-follow forms, practices, templates, and guidelines that can be immediately applied to improve operational efficiency and project execution.

When implementing project management methodology, iTalent will factor in existing management practices. Because this is a collaborative process, the final methodology is left in the hands of the organization itself. We approach our methodologies in a way that cultivates acceptance and makes the assumption of a standard methodology welcomed within a project culture

Methodology Development Services

We start by reviewing the project management and the related methodologies that are already in place. Next we identify the areas where there can be improvement and tighter integration with other management processes. Utilizing the content of PMCOP methodology, we choose and modify the suitable content for an organization's desired project goals and cultural limit. Working with our clients, we make sure that the resulting methodology has the appearance and feeling that is matched with a company's brand.

Methodology Deployment and Ongoing Support

In order to successfully commence the methodology for an organization, we work with our clients collaboratively to create the appropriate deployment plan that spans from conducting a pilot to complete deployment, though this is dependent upon the size and complexity of the plan. Our deployment plans also include methodology workshops led by our consulting team. This ensures that the methodology is done properly

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